Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I was thinking of all the ways that a variable-speed drive (VSD) can cut costs for users. There is of course the great savings in energy costs you can make with VSDs. Their reliability can also save on things like maintenance and spare parts.
There are also other ways to use VSDs to keep more of your income in house. VSDs are one of the technologies that are eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances or ECAs
Capital allowances reduce the income or corporation tax when companies make investments. Normally, capital allowances are given at 20 percent on a reducing balance basis. Investments qualifying for ECAs with VSDs and energy efficient motors can claim 100 percent in the first year.
Therefore, you keep the money in your company, instead of it trickling back over the next 10 years and can use it productively.
The ABB HVAC drive qualifies and we can help you claim your ECA, reducing your corporation or income tax.


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