Friday, 12 April 2013

How to improve the efficiency of air handling units? There are some 11 million motors in the UK driving fixed-speed fans in air handling units. According to air filtration specialist Camfil, fitting variable-speed drives creates substantial energy savings for all. Now that got my attention.

Here’s the dilemma. A filter in an air handling unit (AHU) creates a resistance to air flow. This causes air pressure to drop downstream of the filter. The higher the resistance, the greater the pressure drop, the more energy is needed by the fan to supply the correct air volume. And energy accounts for 70 percent of the total life cycle cost of the filter system. To see the sums in more detail click here .

I’m pleased to say that the clever lads at Camfil, together with our distributor, IDS, have come up with a novel solution. Camfil’s filters  distribute the incoming air over the entire surface of the filter, giving minimum resistance to the air flow and thus minimising pressure drop. A low energy air filter achieves a much lower average pressure drop during its life and therefore puts less load on the fan motor, meaning less energy consumed.

By adding in a variable-speed drive, greater air flow is available which can be controlled via a pressure or flow transducer, allowing supply to exactly meet demand, giving further energy savings. Call 07000 DRIVES (07000 374837) to find out even more.
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